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Stratascorp Technologies President / CEO – Romeo D. Spino – 2017 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

Virginia Beach, VA — StratasCorp Technologies is pleased to announce that President / CEO Romeo D. Spino has been selected as an honoree for “2017 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award” by Inside Business, a leading business journal in Virginia. StratasCorp Technologies is an emerging cyber defense and network operations solutions firm that supports the Department of Defense and other government agencies. In addition to cyber security and network operations, StrataCorp provides integrated logistics support, program management, and business support operations.

Starting the company “I started my own firm in 2015, after spending over 10 years in government contracting. I experienced businesses both large and small not valuing the importance of treating employees like a true asset. The only way to make that culture change was to start my own company, where I treat my employees exactly as I want them to treat my customers.”

Hardest part of launching the company “The challenge of finding people who believe in our company values and share the same conviction and passion for helping clients.”

A lesson learned “Front-sight focus. It’s important to keep incredible concentration and single-mindedness when working toward your goal. Strip away everything and anything that doesn’t support completing your mission. Just keep it simple and keep your goal realistic. Never chase a moving target.”

 Risks taken “To walk away from job security and financial stability. But fellow entrepreneurs say if you start a company as a hobby or with a ‘Plan-B’ in mind, then you will never be successful. I work and live every day growing my company as if there is no ‘Plan-B.’ It keeps me honest and motivated.”
 What or who has helped you the most in establishing your business? “I couldn’t have established my company without the support, mentorship and partnership of Ronald Villanueva, Paul Rodriguez, Steve Sanchez and Cody Swider.”

Other business partners “AT&T Global Solutions, DXC Technology, NSC Technologies, Beach Commercial and the Hampton Roads business community helped me navigate through the broken glass of a new small business and avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship.”

Greatest innovation “At Stratas, we continually pursue customer satisfaction, operational excellence and product innovation by setting expectations to satisfy the needs of our customers, and continue our role as a premier provider of technology and specialized solutions.”

 Company growth “We have experienced huge growth and continue to grow every month at a substantial pace, employing nearly 70 employees across the globe, operating 24/7, 365 days a year.”

Earning a profit “We have earned a profit since inception, while staying focused on our growth and investments both in people and resources.”

Future plans “StratasCorp Technologies plans to keep investing and developing our most valued asset, our employees. The success of our company is a direct result of our employees and our culture.”

Biggest challenge for the future “Helping our clients and employees stay relevant in the changing technology landscape. This means we are constantly refining our corporate culture and technical skills to ensure our clients keep receiving the best service possible.”