StratasCorp Technologies Speaks with Tidewater Community College Cyber Program

Virginia Beach, VA — StratasCorp Technologies President / CEO Romeo Spino spoke to Tidewater Community College students for Information Systems Technology and Cyber Security about the need for more IT professionals in the workforce. Currently StratasCorp Technologies is one of the largest Small Business IT and Cyber companies supporting the Department of Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract and has more than 200 job openings located across the world supporting Information Technology and Cyber Security domains. StratasCorp has partnered with many academia programs that support the IT initiative. ” We continue to look at evolving and developing our workforce pipeline by pulling the best and brightest IT professionals from academic institutions to help support the large number of IT positions that are currently going unfilled due to a shortage of qualified individuals.  We help develop the curriculum that is needed as early as the K-12 program.” said Romeo Spino.  

StratasCorp Technologies continues to grow as a leading IT and Cyber firm supporting DoD contracts.