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StratasTech Expands Cyber Capabilities to Support U.S. Navy

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Stratas Technologies (StratasTech), a division of StratasCorp, recently expanded its capabilities to support the U.S. Navy Fleet Cyber Command – 10th Fleet – Cyber Information Technology Services as a small business subcontractor to AT&T Government Solutions. StratasTech will support the continuing requirement for cyber information technology technical, training and analytical support to Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) subordinate command Naval Information Operations Command (NIOC) in Norfolk, VA. StratasTech will also support the Electronic Warfare mission for the Naval and Joint Forces Cyber Warfighter. NIOC, Norfolk is the Navy’s Center of Excellence for Information Operations (IO) and its mission is to advance Information Operations war fighting capabilities for Naval and Joint Forces by providing operationally focused training and planning support; developing doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures; advocating requirements in support of future effects-based warfare; and managing functional data for Information Operations.