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Kevin Uhrich: The Santa Diaries

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What’s the most important thing you do during the day? Saying to my family that I love them; every night and before traveling because everyday is special and different and you never know what tomorrow will bring.

What’s the most challenging part of your position at Stratas? Trying to keep up with Romeo when we are on the road together.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned in the military? Listen well, be proactive whenever possible and don’t delay any bad news.

What’s your philosophy on dealing with adversity?  One piece at a time.

What about Stratas made you decide to work with them?  Two things, Romeo’s vision for expanding work OCONUS and how he treats his employee’s (always first thing and last thing on his mind everyday)

The one thing you can’t live without? Cheese then Pizza or Pizza then Cheese

How many times in December do people call you Santa? So far I haven’t been recognized in my human disguise – grey, not white beard and brown, not white hair; but I am jolly and I have been known to laugh so hard that I almost pass out.

What have been the top 3 moments in your life up to this point? First Trip overseas to Germany in High School (with my German Class), meeting and shaking hands with Pope Paul II (and getting a photo) and being present with my wife for the birth of our two children (not an easy thing to do in the Navy).

Hollywood is making a movie about your life, what’s the title and who would you cast to play you? Title: “Around the World and Back Home Again ” and Tom Hanks, since he has already played an Navy Captain in Apollo 13

What’s one thing nobody knows about you, but you’re going to tell us anyway? My first career in the Navy as a newly commissioned Ensign was in Special Operations – Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Mark V Deep Sea Diver (in Training). Lasted about 4 months then I got smart and joined the Surface Navy.