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Stratascorp Technologies Sponsors Virginia Cyber Convention & Expo

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Virginia Beach, VA — The 2016 Virginia Cyber Convention & Expo on October 6 will explore numerous challenges and opportunities in cyberspace.

This major industry event is expected to draw up to 300 cyber leaders in the private sector, military and government; elected officials; academia and other key industry stakeholders.

Kevin Mitnick, the “Worlds Most Famous Hacker,” is slated to be our keynote speaker. Kevin will provide a unique presentation on techniques cyber criminals use to gain access to your personal data.

Other invited and confirmed speakers include: US Senator Mark Warner, Admiral Bill Gortney, USN, Retired (confirmed), SSA Robert Cochran (confirmed), Scott Schober (confirmed), Heather Engel (confirmed) and many others in the cybersecurity industry!

Topics to be discussed include:
•Cyber Threats
•Cyber Educational Opportunities in Virginia
•Cyber Insurance…Do you need it?
•New Legislation on Cybersecurity
•New contracts languages regarding cybersecurity in DFARs
•New undersea broadband cables are coming to Virginia. Are you ready?
•How hackers get into your networks
•How to make your home hacker resistant