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Vanessa Tsang : I get cold feet

What is the most important thing you do during the day?

The most important thing I do during the day is brush my teeth or check my social media.

What has been the most challenging part of your internship at Stratas?

So far, probably just learning the ropes of everything and getting use to the system.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned on your journey of life so far?

If you truly want something in life, you will have to work for it. Life will not just “hand you things”, you have to actually put effort into things if you want it.

What college did you attend and what was your favorite class and what was your least favorite and why?

I attend VCU(Virginia Commonwealth University). My favorite class was winning presentations. It was a class about presenting and before that I hated presentations(still do sort of) but my professor made everyone break out of their shell and we were all super comfortable with each other which made presenting actually fun.

My least favorite class must be Calculus. I’ve never been good with numbers(even though I’m Asian I know). Calculus was the biggest struggle for me in college. I would actually study and practice math but it still would not click in my head.

What about Stratas made you decide to apply for an internship there?

Probably the culture. I like how everyone tries to make you feel included and how the corporate team checks in with employees and see how they feel about stuff.

The one thing you can’t live without?

My dog Max. He makes life better

If your life was a made into a movie, what would the title be, and who would you cast to play you?

The title would be “Vanessa’s shitty decisions”. I make a lot of stupid decisions in college. I would have Brenda Song or Jamie Chung play me.

What is one weird thing about you that no one knows, but you are going to tell us anyway?

One weird thing about me that no one knows is that before I sleep my feet must be cold or I can’t sleep. If it’s a hot day outside, I have to have the fan blowing and feet outside of the covers.